Contractor Standards

One common barrier to customer action is finding and choosing a contractor they can trust. Get Your GreenBack helps people and organizations overcome this barrier by connecting them with a pool of local contractors, who have agreed to a set of "good practice" standards. These standards are based on industry best practices, input from local contractor and local residents, insights from local campaigns such as HeatSmart Tompkins and Solar Tompkins, as well as our own reflections based on our experience over the years. Download a list of these standards below (pdf).

Up-to-date Local Contractor Listings

For an up-to-date list of local contractors who have agreed to these standards, visit the associated pages on this site:

Guides to Working with Contractors

If you are a resident, you can also find many of these insights and standards in the Get Your GreenBack guides for working with contractors on:

Along with residents like you who contribute to sustain Get Your GreenBack's work, local contractors also support our work. Please let them know when you have learned about them through our efforts.

Credit: Mohamed Ali,

Credit: Mohamed Ali,