Fuel efficient fleet

Fleets can be costly, and increasing their efficiency can be a great way to improve your bottom line and reduce your emissions. There are two main ways to increase efficiency:

  1. Adopt efficient practices

  2. Upgrade your fleet

Ithaca Carshare can be a good way to provide access to employees to fuel-efficient cars without having to purchase them.

Efficient Practices

  1. More efficient routes → Try to find routes that require less stopping and going. Also, try to balance this with finding the shortest route possible.

  2. Unnecessary miles not traveled → Make sure employees are not using vehicles to stray far off the required route to do things like eating or shopping.

  3. Full loads → Each vehicle going out should be at maximum capacity, whether that is persons or material. This would reduce the amount of vehicles on the road and trips made overall to accomplish the same task.

  4. Efficient driving → This includes no idling, driving the speed limit, taking off slowly from a full stop, gradually coming to a stop at stop signs, etc… More information on can be found at fueleconomy.gov.

upgrading your fleet

Check out fueleconomy.gov to find what fuel efficient vehicles fit your organization's needs.

Prepare for Plug-Ins!

NYSERDA’s Charge Ready NY program offers a $4,000 rebate per charging port to public and private organizations for their parking lots to install electric vehicle charging stations. Learn more here.



In 2010, the City of Ithaca began a “Green Fleet” initiative. The City bought 5 hybrid vehicles and 1 electric maintenance vehicle for the commons, and bought biodiesel for 2 years in a row. It also set requirements that will phase out non-fuel efficient vehicles over a period of time, and set requirements for purchasing policies for city vehicles to mandate fuel efficient vehicles are being purchased when new vehicles are needed.

The City also provides its employees with access to bikes for errands around the city.

Ithaca Carshare

This local non-profit may make sense for you if you have a small fleet or need to make occassional trips. Ithaca Carshare offers

  • Special rates for businesses and non-profits

  • Choice of rates and flexible plans

  • Only pay when you need to use the car