Support Commuting Choices

Got parking problems? Want to provide cost-effective benefits and improve retention, and promote healthy lifestyle choices among employees? Supporting commuting choices can be a straight-forward way to do so. There is local support to help you tailor solutions to your organization’s priorities and needs.

Contact Norma Gutierrez, transportation educator at Way2Go, to learn about and set up a commuting choice program at your organization: or (607) 272-2292

Why Offer Commuting Choices?

Employer benefits

  • save on parking lot development and maintenance ($200/year per parking spot)

  • improve employee retention

  • Active employees who walk and bike have improved health and reduced absenteeism

Employee benefits

  • save on parking, gas, car lease and maintenance

  • supports pretax commuter benefits

  • supports healthy lifestyle and reduces stress

Also, our environment benefits from fewer tailpipe emissions, and our community benefits from reduced congestion, and more transportation options that foster connections and economic development.

How to Offer Commuting Choices?

Way2Go’s Employer Commuter Opportunities (Way2Go ECO) program can help you assess your needs and priorities, and find suitable solutions that fit your budget and help you reach your goals. Here is a list of some of the options Way2Go ECO can help you learn about and consider:

  • Biking and walking - provide accessible bike racks or covered storage, and even a staff bike share program for commuting and work-related trips

  • Sharing the ride - promote ride-sharing tools like, or help coordinate ridesharing to work

  • Taking the Bus - subsidize a bus pass using the Commuter Choice program

  • Flexible Work Options- modify policies to support employees in taking transit, working from home, and supporting life/work balance

  • Locate thoughtfully - choose a location where there are more options to walk, bike, or bus.



Cornell North Campus. Photo: Bill Price III

Cornell North Campus. Photo: Bill Price III

In 1990, Cornell found itself at a crossroads. Demand for parking was increasing and at the pace they were going to have to build 2,500 additional parking spaces, including a new garage, at a cost of $20 million. Instead they decided to provide incentives to students, staff and faculty to use other transportation options. They used a combination of carrots and sticks: they charged for parking at most lots, but offered discounted rates for those in carpools, along with an array of other supports, including free bus passes, an emergency ride home program, a rideshare program, and subsidized Ithaca Carshare membership. The university saved close to $4 million in four years, over three times what had been projected.

Get Help

Contact Norma Gutierrez at Way2Go to learn about and set up a commuting choice program at your organization. (607) 272-2292

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